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Lattice : Human Cell Atlas

Lattice is the acting Data Coordination Center for the Human Cell Atlas Seed Networks.

“The Seed Networks for the Human Cell Atlas projects bring together experimental scientists, computational biologists, software engineers, and physicians to support the continued development of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), an international effort to map all cells in the human body as a resource for better understanding health and disease.” - Human Cell Atlas Seed Networks
The Lattice team collaborates with researchers in each of the 38 Seed Networks to represent sample acquisition, experimental procedures, and data processing steps in structured metadata. We wrangle metadata, raw data, and analysis outputs into the Lattice database which provides Seed Network contributors the opportunity for intra- and inter-Seed Network data sharing prior to data release. Through tight collaboration with the computational biologists in the Seed Networks, Lattice ensures essential information is captured to facilitate the generation of a reference atlas of the cells in the human body.
As stewards for the Seed Network data, the Lattice team actively seeks out opportunities to maximize the value of the data through enhanced find-ability and reuse. We collaborate with other single-cell data centers to migrate the standardized data corpus from the Lattice database to their open data resources, allowing for Seed Network data to be easily integrated with community tools and data collections.

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Lattice is funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI).
Lattice logo created by Idan Gabdank, Ph.D.

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