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About the Cherry Lab

Our research involves identifying, validating and integrating scientific information into encyclopedic databases essential for investigation as well as scientific education.  Published results of scientific experimentation are a foundation of our understanding of the natural world and provide motivation for new experiments.  Curation, extraction and sorting of factual experimental data, of peer-reviewed journal articles are necessary to acquire these data from its source.  Large quantitative datasets using global studies extend our knowledge of genes and their functions, and the organization of chromatin and its impact on development and gene expression.  By integrating quantitative datasets with curated focused experimental results creates unique comprehensive databases.  The Cherry Lab creates such essential databases and makes them available to scientists and educators seeking to understand experimental results and to teach scientific knowledge.

Saccharomyces Genome Database

Knowledgebase for Saccharomyces molecular and cellular biology

Encode Encyclopedia Dna Elements

Encyclopedia of Epigenetic Chromatin Marks

Lattice Human Cell Atlas

single cell genomics

Alliance Genome Resources

Community of Model Organism Resources


Regulatory elements within non-exomic regions

Gene Ontology
Gene Ontology Consortium

Standard nomenclature for gene product function


IGVF (Impact of Genomic Variation on Function)

Cataloging the effect of sequence variants on functions and phenotypes