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The Cherry Lab: Unveiling the Secrets of the Natural World

The Cherry Lab is dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the natural world through comprehensive and accessible scientific databases. Their research focuses on three key areas:

1. Identifying, validating, and integrating scientific information: The lab meticulously curates and integrates essential scientific information into encyclopedic databases, providing invaluable resources for both research and education. These databases serve as a foundation for understanding the natural world and inspire new scientific inquiries.

2. Extracting and sorting factual data: The lab extracts and organizes factual data from peer-reviewed scientific publications, enabling researchers to easily access and utilize this valuable information. This includes large quantitative datasets derived from global studies, expanding our knowledge of genes, their functions, and the intricate organization of chromatin, impacting development and gene expression.

3. Integrating quantitative data with curated experimental results: The Cherry Lab goes beyond simply providing data. They uniquely combine quantitative datasets with focused experimental results, creating comprehensive databases that offer a deeper understanding of scientific phenomena. This allows researchers to analyze and interpret data within a broader context, fostering new discoveries and insights.

By making these essential databases freely available, the Cherry Lab empowers scientists and educators to explore the natural world, gain insights from existing research, and advance our collective understanding of science.

Saccharomyces Genome Database

Knowledgebase for Saccharomyces molecular and cellular biology

Encode Encyclopedia Dna Elements

Encyclopedia of Epigenetic Chromatin Marks

Lattice Human Cell Atlas

single cell genomics

Alliance Genome Resources

Community of Model Organism Resources


Regulatory elements within non-exomic regions

Gene Ontology
Gene Ontology Consortium

Standard nomenclature for gene product function


IGVF (Impact of Genomic Variation on Function)

Cataloging the effect of sequence variants on functions and phenotypes